Jan 23, 2011

Save the Drama for a Llama...

It seems as if everywhere I turn, there’s a word that follows me; taunting me with information no one else knows or fights I wasn’t there to see. This word is drama and while it pops up around me at the most unexpected moments, others charge after it like it’s the last parachute on an airplane with a malfunction. I have to wonder though, what is it about drama that draws people in like bees to honey? Is it the feeling of being included in a secret society that has the inside scoop, or is it the ability to judge others for their actions and decisions while simultaneously being superior to them? I know one thing and that’s the fact the MTV struck gold when they came up with the Jersey Shore; a drama filled juggernaut that exposed the world to GTL, smushing, and the poof.

I recently put on my Facebook status that the most complicated problems tend to have the simplest solution; you just have to look for them. When it comes to drama though, the simplest solution is the first one thrown out the window. People who thrive on drama don’t want simple; they want complicated, frustrating, public, drawn out, messy and hurtful. I’ve never been one to become directly involved in much drama, and when I have, it’s always been too much to deal with. I get antsy, nervous, and want to do as much possible to avoid conflict or fighting. Others out there though…they live for all that shit. Whether it’s relationship drama or family drama, some people are just magnets for it And while I understand that some can’t help being involved in it or would give anything to be out of it because it was forced upon them, there are others who have the better choice lit up in front of the with neon signs and arrows, and they still refuse to see.

I’ve given advice to plenty of friends before, but lately it seems as if I’m talking to a brick wall that’s been covered in noise cancelling magic foam or something. I mean, simply put, if I tell you the best and easiest thing for you to do is talk to people you’re having problems with and you simply refuse, just because you don’t feel like it, well it makes me wonder why you even ask me for advice? What would you rather I tell you? Go over and kick some ass, then break some shit, then sleep with someone’s significant other, and set something on fire. That’s the ticket! That will make everything so much better! Um, no. Not really. So, what can I do? I want to be a good friend to those around me, and I really do care about my drama-rama friends. But while I don’t just want to leave them high and dry, I also don’t want to get dragged into the fray. Can you imagine someone like me getting called out in public for some stupid reason? I’d probably burst into tears or lash out irrationally out of nerves.

What to do? What to do?

For now, though it pains me to say it, I think it’s a case of “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”. For those around me who seem to use drama as a life force they can’t let go of, this is my letter of resignation. I can’t handle it anymore! I’m willing to hear you out, and I do care about your well being, but I can’t be mediator or sage anymore. If you’re not even going to make an effort to apply my wisdom to your situation, I can’t waste my energy. Maybe it’s time for someone to establish some sort of twelve step program for drama addicts? If they can do it for alcohol and sex, why can’t they do it for stressful interpersonal relationships? And hell, they can get sponsored by the ladies from The View and MTV. In any case, someone needs to put a stop to this fiend known as drama, before it takes over everyone’s life like some sort of zombie virus epidemic…and soon.

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